Languages are so cool but learning them can be tedious. I tried a little experiment in 2016 to make it a bit more entertaining. Although currently on hiatus, I'd LOVE to bring it back after nailing down a format.


We make videos of people conversing in two different languages. For example: one speaks English and the other speaks Spanish. Because both people understand both languages, it's a natural conversation.


Context. If you can follow half of the conversation in a language you understand, the other half should be simpler to comprehend. This is the same as listening to one side of a telephone conversation. Based only on that half, you can usually guess what the other side has said.

Improving your listening comprehension skills in more traditional ways can be difficult. If you miss a few sentences, you can lose the context of the conversation. Context is everything. When you know what is being discussed, you can miss a few words here and there and still follow along confidently.

Episode 1 - Spanish Test Drive

Welcome to the show! This is Nora's first time behind the microphone, my first time doing Lazy Linguists in Spanish and the first time for both of us in front of a camera. I hope our make-up team did well...these new HD cameras really pick up everything. :-)


Episode 2 - TV: Making a Murderer

A spoiler-filled review of the Netflix Original Series: Making a Murderer. This ten-part documentary filmed over a decade is almost too twisty to be real. If you haven't seen it, it's very much worth a watch.

More information on the series:


Episode 3 - Nerdery #1: VoIP, Phreaking and Hackers

Saúl's first episode! We go down a very nerdy path from when we both starting using Internet telephony stuff to working with the software Asterisk. Then on to some very amateur attempts at phreaking. And finally, the movie Hackers. we all wanted to be Dade Murphy.


Episode 4 - Video Games / Videojuegos

We take a little trip back to the good old days of video games. NES, Game Gear, Mario, Sonic, Myst game gloves?! Growing up in the Nintendo generation was AWESOME.


Episode 5 - Film: Concussion / Cine: La Verdad Duele

This week we watch and review Concussion starring Will Smith. However, most of our time ended up being spent discussing the disease at the center of the movie and its impact on American Football. Great movie, scary discovery.


Episode 6 - Game: Who Am I? - Luigi and Pharrell

This week we change things up and play a game of "Who Am I?". Each of us has a "mystery character" chosen by the other and we need to figure out who/what it is. One of us is definitely better at this than the other... :-)

There have been many requests for "beginner" episodes and this is our first attempt at one. There are complete translations for many of the phrases used and the exchanges are much shorter. Let us know what you think!

(Jump to 2:30 if you'd like to get right into the guessing game.)


Episode 7 - Game: Who Am I? - The Queen and Mr. Clean

Another beginner episode is up! Every question is captioned and translated as we play the game: "Who am I?" It's up to you to understand the answers to important questions such as: Am I alive? Am I a man? Do I wear a hat?

Truly existential stuff! :-P :-P


Episode 8 - Nerdery #2: Microsoft, Facebook, Studying, Disconnecting

This is not exactly a beginner's episode! :-) However, for the slightly nerdy amongst you, it is hopefully a nice challenge. Saúl is guesting again and we travel down the path we know best: development. Microsoft and Open Source, Facebook and Twitter algorithms, e-book vs dead-tree and disconnecting from it all. Enjoy!