RangeSDMN is a cellular base station firmware which I've been developing for Range Networks. SDMN stands for Software Defined Mobile Network and it's some pretty damn cool technology. It seamlessly bridges the worlds of 3GPP defined radio standards and IETF defined Internet protocols.

I'm primarily focused on wrapping up all of Range's various components into a highly usable product. Previously these components were delivered as installable Linux packages atop Ubuntu. Now they're shipped as a unified image. Sub-component interdependence is guaranteed and releases are represented by a single version number.

The user interface is a ground up rework as well. Linux terminal experience is no longer needed. Common integration scenarios are templated and automated where possible. And performance is much more predictable with a tuned Linux distribution.


Getting Started with OpenBTS

OpenBTS is the engine inside RangeSDMN. It has been under development since 2009 and is an amazing stack which transforms a commodity computer into a functional 2G/3G cellular base station. What Apache did for web servers and Asterisk for PBXs, this does for cellular infrastructure.

I was lucky enough to be able to write this book with free reign, developing the concept and content including illustrations and photographs.

The entire process was relatively painless given the guidance of the O'Reilly team and their publication tools. If only everyone could have access to those, they're so good!

After publication the book was translated into Indonesian by a grassroots group and circulated among colleges teaching OpenBTS.

Published in February, 2015